About Us

Christian Life Advisor is a christian support group seeking to help other people who are in dire need of guidance and advice. We offer advice to anyone needing them, from teenagers who want direction in life to adults dealing with various problems like depression or anxiety.

Our advisors are a group of volunteers who share their time and effort in helping out others. This is one way of showing their devotion to the christian society to which they belong. They undergo a rigorous training program to make sure they know how to respond to each individual concern.

We hope to give service to the people needing our help and lead them to the right path in life. We don’t claim to have all the answers to their questions nor solutions to every problem, but we show willingness in helping them figure things out for themselves.

Christian Life Advisor are Christ-centered, faithful servants sharing the glory of the Lord to others through our ministry. We wish to inspire others to follow our example and be like Jesus Christ-compassionate, loving, abiding and ever ready to help those in need. The advice that we give to others is inspired by Christ’s example of being a good listener and helping others find the answers to their questions.