Pilgrimage Planned for Next Year

The Christian Life Advisor team members are planning to join the pilgrimage to the Holy Land next year. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the members to see such a holy place and considered as the birthplace of Jesus Christ. Every year, many christian organizations plan such trips as this is one of the dream destinations for all true christians who have the deepest faith in their beliefs.

The week long trip will be from June 11 – 17. To those who are interested in coming along for the trip, you must have the necessary documents for entry, i.e. Visa, Passport. Since this is a personal trip, the funds will be shouldered by each individual. However, there is a fund that the group has been setting aside for the past 5 years which can be used at the discretion of the officers. This amount could help out those who are short on funds and would really want to go on the trip.

For more details, please coordinate with any of the officers in the Christian Life Advisor office. Since the trip is still a long way to go from now, there is still time to save up some amount to pay for the trip. The group could also solicit for donations to other groups willing to help us out on this endeavor.

This is a special event which would give new hope to our down-trodden brothers and sisters. If we could help out in whatever way we can, please support our cause. God will repay you ten-fold.


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