Christian Life Advisor Elects New Officers

Held during the annual gathering of christian leaders, the election of the new set of officers for this calendar year went on as smooth as possible. The officers are elected to perform certain tasks to ensure a smooth transition of the operations of the organizations.

The fortunate winners who will lead our group into the next millennium are as follows:

Rex Gallagher, PRESIDENT

Rex Gallagher is the newly elected president of the group. He previously held the position of Secretary for the past year. He is an active volunteer member of Christian Life Advisor, dedicating most of his free time with our outreach projects. Despite having a hectic work schedule, Rex still manages to share his time counselling people who seek our assistance.

Rex loves singing karaoke and is also an active member of the glee club. He puts his passion for singing to good use.

Andy Rosenfield, VICE PRESIDENT 

Andrea “Andy” Rosenfield is the new Vice President of the group. She is a newcomer to the group, having just moved into the area nine months ago. She has a strong involvement in the youth movement in the community and shows genuine concern for the youth of today. She loves listening to the youth’s problems and concerns and gives advice to those youth.

Andy is an amazing cook and loves to bring food during prayer meetings, which the other members are always waiting to taste.

Betty Watson, SECRETARY

Betty Watson is the new secretary of the group. She is an active member of the counselling group, often referred to as “big sister” because of her reputation of looking out for others, especially those victims of bullying. She is an advocate for christian living with a positive attitude.

She loves baking and oftentimes brings cookies or pastries during picnics or outreach programs to share with everyone.

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