World Youth Day Plans

The Youth Sector of the Christian Life Advisor will participate in the World Youth Day celebration to be held in 2019. The event is held every three years and during this occasion, the Pope will meet with youth leaders from all over the world. The next meeting will be held from January 23rd to 28th and will be held in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil.

The event is a big event in the Catholic Church calendar and is celebrated with a lot of activities tailored for the youth. There will be masses to be presided over by the Pope himself. There will also be prayer meetings, recollections and retreats which will bring the youth closer to the Church by way of the Pope.

Christians have always been devout followers of Christ and are manifesting it to this day. The Pope being the representative of Jesus Christ as the highest priest of the Catholic Church. The youth play a major role in the development of the future church leaders and thus will need to be well prepared for such responsibilities in the future.

The aim of the gathering is to bring the youth closer to God and the church. It is hoped that from these youth today will arise the future lay leaders of the church ministries all throughout the world. Hundreds of thousands of youth from all over the world are expected to join the special occasion. The Pope has always been known to be a big supporter of the youth sector. The dialogue between the Pope and the youth will hopefully bring them closer to each other.

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