The Challenge of Living a Christian Life

During these trying times where there are a lot of new “ideologies” appearing in the guise of following the teachings of a higher being, it is very difficult for a Christian to become a Christian. This is especially true for those christians who have a weak foundation and also those who have a weak support system around them. They are the ones who get easily swayed to join other sects and leave their christianity behind them.

With the proliferation of social media platforms, many such cults have used propaganda to attract others to join their cause. Oftentimes, they target christians because they are the most in numbers worldwide and also that they are the most easy to pry fro their beliefs. Don’t get me wrong, christians are some of the staunchiest supporters of their beliefs, but when faced with major problems or confusions they tend to question their faith and their god.

This is where people from other sects take advantage of the situation and swoop in at just the right time to get their haul. When people are confused and are looking for answers to questions that continue to bug them forever, they tend to look elsewhere for answers seeing that they can’t seem to find it through their religious beliefs.

As christians, let us not forget that life is riddled with trials and tests by God to see how strong or how wear our faith is. These trials were also bestowed upon Jesus during his time here on earth. He was given several tests and was “tempted” by the devil, yet nothing shook his faith in God. That is the example that we as christians should follow. Let us make Jesus as our model and follow his examples. In today’s materialistic world, that is easier said than done. But it can be done, believe me. All it takes is true faith in the true christian God and in Jesus Christ his son.

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