Christian Life Advisor Holds Youth Seminar

The Youth Ministry of the Christian Life Advisor organization will conduct a youth seminar for people under the age of twenty who are willing to undergo the training for their personal development. The said seminar will be held at the Youth Ministry Headquarters in Pasadena, California. They said event will begin March 31st and will last for a week.

During the seminar, attendees will witness a lot of presentations on how to cope up as a teen in these modern social media times. In recent years, there has been great pressure on teens to keep up or be left behind, and sometimes this pressure is affecting them quite negatively.

The purpose of this week-long seminar is to strengthen the core values of the youth and make them adhere to the christian teachings which should be the basis of every decision they make in life. Such values are what the youth need right now for them to have a strong foundation for the future. Let us keep in mind that the youth of today will be the leaders of tomorrow. It is therefore important that the youth have a strong foundation to help them build their future society around.

Getting the right training on how to be a christian is vital to the development of youth leaders. They need to be taught the right way of doing things, of making decisions, and they need to learn it now while they’re still young. That way, when they are old enough to lead they shall have mastered the art of being a christian leader and lead others in the right direction.


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