Christian Life Advisor Go Christmas Caroling

In an effort to raise funds for their Christmas project, the members of the Christian Life Advisor went caroling around the neighborhood. The members have been preparing for this fund-raising activity the past few weeks and they will donate all their collections to their charity of choice, Caritas Internationalis. This group provides aid to people in war-stricken and poverty-stricken areas all around the globe.

During last year’s Christmas caroling drive, Christian Life Advisor was able to raise $1,175.00. That amount was given to Caritas as was agreed upon by the group. The amount may not be that big, but the impact it has in the people we have helped is more than enough for us. Knowing that our efforts have gone to a good cause is very satisfying.

Christian Life Advisor is happy to be working with many charitable foundations and also the church in making such projects a reality. This will be viewed as an achievement for the organization, and we hope to make it a yearly tradition. Helping others must come from the heart, not only during Christmas season, but all throughout the year.

The group is happy to be able to serve others in the community, especially the less fortunate ones. This is one way to pay it forward and also a good way to promote the christian faith to others around us. We help and not ask for anything in return, that’s the true essence of generosity, and the true meaning of the season of Christmas.

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